Artist Statement

There is a different life somewhere out there. Life with early mornings before the sunrise when you run outside to get eggs out of the chicken house to make omelets for breakfast. There is a life where you milk a cow before having a glass of milk. A life where you pick the vegetables in the garden for your salad and slaugh ter the cow if you want meatballs for dinner. There is a life with long evenings by the fire followed by songs and fairytales. There is a life with constant but pleasant troubles and everyday hard work. A happy life though, and happy people. 

The fact that I was born and raised on a farm in Siberia affects how I look at the world and is reflected in my work. I use different media as a way through which I can connect with the place where I grew up as well as the place where I live now.

My inspiration comes from simple things, like a morning jog on a trodden path. I think about how the path bends with the river and how it would look from the sky. I think about the possibilities of making that shape out of clay. I am interested in the ant’s movements and what its path would look like if drawn on a piece of paper. In my work I often see the theme of chaotic movement through lines that twist, swim up and down, and turn around. When I spill something on the table or floor, I don’t run to get a rag but rather observe the incomprehensible but interesting form. I often stop when I see weird stains on walls and doors or the form of damaged plaster. I explore the “spot.” These moments fascinate me.

Through my work, I want to show how each of us can help change the world as citizens of this beautiful green planet. Because I grew up so close to nature, I never had plastic bags, paper towels or junk mail. I cannot look without pain at the irresponsibility of humankind to mother nature. Making the best use out of every object that happens to fall in our hands, using various media from thrift stores and found objects could be the begging of showing that “I care”. Through my work, I want to show the viewers that garbage is not yet garbage.

We, artists, are trying to find our own path. Without our constant search for ourselves, even recognition, life as an artist has no meaning. I find inspiration in simple things, in places I go and places I have been to previously. I find inspiration in the present as well as in the past. I see beautiful things that people might find as garbage. I constantly follow the voice inside and hopefully, I find my own path which will someday inspire others to do the same: care about each other, care about the planet, contribute happiness, and share accumulated knowledge.