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A New Body for My Soul

"It was a thanksgiving dinner, a cloudy but beautiful day. The whole family got together, the dogs were barking outside, letting us know they were too, excited. The room was filled with smiles, and the kitchen was filled with food, everything seemed to be magical. Other than that, this family was not mine..." [...]


In Constant Search of the Past

Happy and strong people out there are driving across the country while living in ten square feet homes. Designing and building the interior of a van was one of the most beautiful but challenging projects because its many problems solving situations continue to teach you even after you hit on the road, every single day, month by month [...]  


Coming Back

This is project was developed during the first few months of the pandemic. Feeling lost, scared, lonely, and depressed became the first step in re-discovering a person that lived inside my body. I had spent a year quarantining from the world I was so hard trying to fit in [...]

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